Building a strategic platform to serve a global market.

William Marsh & Company ® has a global supply chain platform that currently operates in the plumbing and materials categories of the construction industry with strategic partners Sloan Valve Company ® and Federal Heath ®.

Our product offering in the commercial plumbing sector is deep. We supply a full line of products to Sloan ®, the leading commercial plumbing brand in North America incorporating all sanitary ware, electronic faucets and flush valves used in commercial restrooms.

In addition, Sloan Asia Pacific ® is a sales and distribution joint venture between William Marsh & Company ® and Sloan Valve Company ® with a corporate office in Hong Kong covering China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

We supply a complete line of premium quality aluminum composite materials for the commercial signage and construction industry, widely used in building curtain walls, interior decoration and commercial signage products to Federal Heath ®, the premier full-service sign company in North America.

William Marsh & Company ® is a fully integrated supply chain company equipped to function seamlessly with our partners’ business models. We have established a global platform that consistently delivers value to our strategic partners by providing a complete solution — from product development, engineering, manufacturing, exceptional quality assurance to final delivery of product to any location in the world.

We invite you to explore our world.