We dedicate our engineers to get it done right.

Vigilance is critical at every stage.

The need to comply with complex global design codes in the building industry presents challenges to any global supply chain. Design and safety codes in all jurisdictions must be understood and rigorously applied at source.

Our engineers are experts in dealing with global compliance challenges. This includes taking code-based specifications and creating a suite of measures employing technical drawings and inspection procedures. This ensures faultless products which meet or exceed safety standards; a critical element in the trading relationship.

Composite building materials are a good example.

Our engineering platform incorporates metallurgical, mechanical, color and decorative integrity as well as fire safety. Working with the best suppliers of materials available, our process begins with detailed design drawings that is followed by inspection and testing protocols that yield end-to-end quality.

In many cases this incudes salt spray testing, UV testing, abrasion testing, fire-safe testing and mechanical proof testing to ensure the products maintain mechanical strength, safety and decorative standards throughout its expected lifetime.

Composite materials cannot be installed anywhere as strict rules exist in all jurisdictions as to where such materials can be used in the building process. Where warnings and hazards are identified, the products are clearly marked and carry the necessary safety information and data sheets.

Finally, our packaging engineers design solutions which allow the delivery of a world class product from warehouse to warehouse, across oceans and continents, undamaged and ready for immediate use


  • How will your product line meet global code requirements?
  • Who will ensure product integrity throughout the manufacturing process?
  • What is the risk management plan for warehousing and shipping?