Taking from the planet is human. Giving back is visionary.

Pristine island in the Maldives threatened by climate change.

We are heavily invested in the future of our planet. Wherever we do business, we are committed to and invested in the sustainability business. We live it. And we breathe it every day.

Building Our Environmental Credentials

Our approach to building supply chains encompasses an absolute belief in the single imperative that we are all responsible for the planet. Perhaps most importantly, our decisions affect not only our immediate stakeholders but also every single person on our shared home.
In developing these platforms, we make every effort to balance the needs of business with establishing suppliers that are aligned with and committed to this belief. This is a core theme and while many may consider this impossible, we regard it as consistent with our vision. For us this is just the beginning.

Social Commitment

Decisions we make reflect upon the general health and well-being of those who interact with us, whether they be suppliers or customers. Our commitment to transparency, adherence to laws, zero child labor and protecting the environment is a model we continue to build on.

Corporate Governance Built On Transparency

Transparency is a core philosophy to our business. Simply put, this leads to higher standards of corporate governance. With this approach, we aim to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, but in a holistic manner. While that balance is difficult to achieve, corporate governance, if well built, will continuously guide the decisions of our employees to seek the right path, not the most convenient.


  • How does your supply chain affect the environment?
  • How important is social responsibility to your strategy?
  • What characteristics of corporate governance are most critical to your company?