Global trading comes with complex quality issues, at every step.
The best intentions are not enough.

Every move must be calculated.

In a trading relationship, end-to-end quality assurance is the linchpin of a successful platform.

The promise of the Hong Kong Harbour Company ® is to consistently deliver quality products, built to your specifications, at the right time, in the right place, at the right price. All of which translates into a competitive advantage for you.

With our comprehensive and flexible manufacturing base and experience in managing production facilities throughout the world, we can quickly determine and establish the best solutions for your specific sourcing requirements.

Importantly, we have an extensive infrastructure in place to implement those solutions quickly and effectively, all under a rigid 8-step quality assurance protocol supported by a sophisticated IT platform, comprehensive warehousing, pick and pack licenses and lading capabilities.

Combined with our willingness to inventory your products, and proven ability to deliver mixed containers exactly where they need to go, the Hong Kong Harbour Company ® offers a complete resource for profitable and stable sourcing and shipping.


  • How do you ensure that suppliers meet quality specifications?
  • How do you achieve the optimum balance of price, quality and delivery performance?
  • Do you have the staff on the ground to manage vendor operations?